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[19 Apr 2010|08:00pm]
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oh hi thar [16 Apr 2009|01:12am]

but i still lurk >:3

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[29 Nov 2007|06:30pm]

 i'm finally finished with college applications, which means i have time to draw again.
thank god its OVER

its not finished. but i don't know what else i can add to it. bleh...its only been a month since i last used photoshop. can't believe how rusty i've gotten.

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moleskine [25 Nov 2007|01:57am]

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[18 Nov 2007|11:24pm]
 sweet, got my first paycheck today. $51 for two weeks worth of taking orders, packing food, getting yelled at, and cleaning up other people's messes with towels soaked in chlorine water (my hand still smells). 

not bad not bad. i guess

also, forgot mention that i went to my first homecoming dance yesterday. thank god my friends helped me with makeup, or else i would've looked hideous. ....i'm so hopeless, i didn't know the names of half the stuff they put on my face. i fail as a teenage girl, really, i do../

the dance itself was pretty fun, i didn't expect much from it at first. in fact, i didn't even decide to go until friday (the dance was on saturday), but yeah, i'm so glad i went. had a lot of fun, even though some of the songs the DJ chose were horrible to listen to. &weirdest(well, not so weird) thing happened...some kid, a sophomore (by the looks of it), came up to me and asked me to dance (which has never happened to me before. LOL)..he was pretty nice. it was definitely a new experience, i was probably really stiff. ha.ha.

party at thai spice on wednesday! ineedadate <--WOWsaddest thing ever
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[07 Nov 2007|04:48pm]

i don't know why, but a couple days ago i felt compelled to look up 'the land before time' (the first one) on youtube. the movie still makes me cry (YES I SAID IT) even though its been almost 10 years since i last watched it. i can't believe i've completely forgotten about it till now.

I fucking love this movie. no kidding. =D
i know half the movie is uploaded on youtube, if anyone wants to watch LOL

random journal entry because i don't feel like working on my psychology debate.
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[28 Oct 2007|01:06am]
ah crap

my ribs are starting to hurt. wonder if i'm going to bruise?
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[27 Oct 2007|05:00pm]

what happened today?

it was pretty damn scarey. i was in the car listening to my ipod, next thing i know i hear a loud bang and glass breaking. t

turns out, the other car was trying run a red light while we were making a left turn on the intersection. the car it hit us on the left side making us spin 360 degrees. the seatbelt nearly choked me to death, i wasn't able to breathe for a whole ten seconds. i thought i was dying..seriously :(

the man who was driving was in his early 20s, he had a kid (probably a younger brother) and a dog with him. the kid was crying, he was more shaken up than kelly and i was. can't believe that man would risk the lives of his family just so he wouldn't have to wait 3 mins for a fucking green light. idiots...
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[19 Oct 2007|04:20pm]
this week has been the toughest week of school by far. i'm so goddamn tired..

hey i'm in this video. (wearing a grey shirt + dark blue pants. standing towards the right behind that girl wearing the white tank. hahaaaa)

o HEY i think i'm getting a job at thai spice. if i'm lucky i'll be starting next week.
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artdump [14 Oct 2007|08:20pm]
i spent my whole weekend drawing when i should've studied.

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[26 Sep 2007|08:04pm]
 Psychology is proving to be more difficult than i had imagined. two weeks into school and already we've had three quizzes and two projects (just finished another one today). i seriously cannot get through the day without taking a nap after school. 

i thought senior year is supposed to be relaxing? so why am i taking 3 AP classes? and not to mention, the deadline for college aps are closer and closer...

HOshiz &i almost forget... 7 more chapters of DRIVER'S ED!!! 

ha, this journal is so pointless. 

go. artsCollapse )
by the way, anyone have FACEBOOK?
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[07 Sep 2007|09:16pm]

feels as if i haven't uploaded art in forever..

al;sdkfa/...these first three days of school have been rather overwhelming. i honestly didn't expect so much homework, and not to mention tests, so early. &do you want to know what the worst thing IS? i have to take PE, YES PE AS A SENIOR! its really awkward hanging out with a bunch of freshman, but good thing i'm short.. maybe i can pass off as sophomore? freshman are rather clueless right? right? especially at 6:45 in the morning..

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[30 Aug 2007|01:21am]

this made my day. really. C=

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[14 Aug 2007|11:20pm]
so my aunt got me my mum and sister free tickets to the gwen stefani concert this thursday. i'm not a huge fan of gwen's music but some of them are quite catchy [wind it up/4 in the morning].

&yeah, it'll be weird going to a concert with my mom ect. but hell, its free tickets. 
[boy, do i sound cheap]
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[01 Aug 2007|02:03pm]


i saw that yesterday at hong kong records and i just had to look it up..
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FINISHED~ [26 Jul 2007|02:58pm]
.Collapse )

urgh i just want to sit around and draw harry potter stuff all day..
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[17 Jun 2007|12:11pm]
school is over and i'm officially a senior! 

and to celebrate i bought myself a disneyland annual pass.

well its that time of year again. i'll be leaving for Hong Kong on monday night. =D

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[05 Jun 2007|10:17pm]
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[01 Jun 2007|10:19pm]
the thought of thuring 17 in a matter of days scares me..i really can't believe how fast this year has gone by. i feel as if i never even had a chance to enjoy being 16..soon senior year is going to fly by..then college? i don't feel ready to grow up at all. 

jeez now i made myself depressed.

BUT on a happier note. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO meradragon
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A:LKJSFOIJKJN :LSKDFOK [28 May 2007|01:35am]

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